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23 July 2007 @ 08:37 pm
So I'm totally hyjacking this LJ group by posting a completely unrelated invitation to all of my Angel Sanctuary friends...

I want to have a housewarming party at my place before I have to get a roommate in here. You all are invited, and I promise to make it entertaining and shiny! Since Fallbrook is a bit of a drive for you guys, everyone is encouraged to sleep over if they can. It should be fun.

When is everyone free? I'll be gone friday and saturday, but I'm free on sunday. After that, I'll be pretty much free every day up until school starts at the end of august. Both weekdays and weekends are ok because I have no life right now ^_^

Let me know who wants to come!!
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30 May 2007 @ 10:42 am
i'm so excited about at i can't eat properly. my stomach's like BITCH PLEASE LETS GO RUN NO FOOD! and it didn't help that i lost 6 pounds on the streets of LA. i think some hobo stoled it. but yeah.. i just can't and between stressing over my finals in 2 weeks which are all presentations and finishing my cosplay everything... i'm kinda freaking the fuck out yal. my internal clock is still on LA time as well seeing as how i can't even remotely sleep, even when on meds til around 3 every morning since.
New list of crap to do!:
1. finish my wings ( getting the damn base done)
2. the leather straps
3. finish cutting my dress ( i have to redo the back because of the wings)
4. figure out HOW i'm going to do Kels wing base ( i should prolly contact her about this. i'm sure my base will work for hers but it's 20 dollar)
5. BUNNAH! which i haven't even started on ( why i'm stressing really)
6. do a make-up trial with my new shadows and everything

that's about it i think. i'm staying out of the sun til after AX from this point out and wearing sunblock. i was only in the sun for like 2 hours and my make-up is a bit to light now so i can't wear any. i also need to call Sarah and get my hair redone and everything. meh...

the happiest stress ever....
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16 January 2007 @ 06:01 pm
1. Wig ( on it's way actually we bought it today)- DONE
2. Ami-chans wig. anyone know which on it is so i can buy it?- DONE
3. wings ( damn...)- 20%
4. dress ( easy)-15%
5. belt buckle thingies sized for everywhere and punched ( slightly more complicated)
6. Bunnah for Ren - 30%
7. WORK OUT LIKE WHOAH!- -50% v_v damn i'm sad... i really shoudl work out mroe
11 January 2007 @ 12:15 pm
I just realised, I better ask now before it's too late... do you guys think you might have any extra room in your...um...room? I need to start figuring out where I'm gonna stay come AX-time, and it would be fun staying with you guys! *waves money hypnotically*
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15 December 2006 @ 10:43 pm
ho shit yal! they're so much to do and so little time.
time for a list again
1. Wig ( on it's way actually we bought it today)
2. Ami-chans wig. anyone know which on it is so i can buy it?
3. wings ( damn...)
4. dress ( easy)
5. belt buckle thingies sized for everywhere and punched ( slightly more complicated)
6. *breathe*
and that's it for that one
if i have time i MIGHT do Roah Kamelot from D. Gray Man. cause i've falen in love with that char. she's such a childish bitch ^_^<3
and i don't plan on killing my self like last year everything will be done WEEKS before AX. atleast that's the plan...
22 October 2006 @ 07:40 pm

Yeah, where ever the hell they took the photos is crazy cool.

To bad a lot of em' are ugly as hell.

But yeah, we need to steal their spot.


and Pikmin Link is going to get me a quote for my wig! Yay! Since Katie is closed till 2006. Booo!
28 July 2006 @ 10:28 pm

This will be one of few public entries for this community

This community was made for Angel Sanctuary cosplayers
Specifically for those cosplayers that attend Anime Expo

Hopefully the community will have link to pictures, advice on costumes in progress, etc
Feel free to join <3
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